Porcelain Veneers Can Refresh Your Smile

Cedar Rapids, IA, dentist offers porcelain veneers

What concerns do you have with your smile? Many people may be worried about preventing cavities and keeping their oral hygiene in good shape. For others, they may be concerned about the appearance of their smile. If you are experiencing intrinsic discoloration that cannot be fixed with professional whitening or other imperfections throughout your grin, Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, offers porcelain veneers that can upgrade your appearance.


When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Cedar Rapids, IA, dentist offers tooth extractions

Thanks to advances in dentistry, there are many ways to repair your tooth if it has been harmed by an injury, infection, or other problem. In many cases, your team will do their best to prioritize keeping your natural pearly whites intact. However, there are some circumstances in which this may not be possible. Your Cedar Rapids, IA, dentist is here today to explore when this may be required and how you can best prepare.


Repair Your Smile With Fillings

Cedar Rapids, IA, dentist offers fillings

When left untreated, cavities can create severe problems for your smile. They can deteriorate your enamel and cause sensitivity to the area. When your dentist notices signs of decay, they may recommend that the area be restored with a dental filling. Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, offers this restoration with natural-appearing composite resin material. In today’s blog, learn when a filling is necessary and how it can restore your pearly whites.


The Clear Way To Straighten Your Smile

Cedar Rapids, IA dentist offers clear aligners

In our last blog, we discussed how microabrasion can help remove stains from your teeth. This cosmetic option can make your smile brighter and improve your confidence. If you are looking for other ways to achieve an enhanced appearance, Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, offers other treatments as well. Bonding and contouring can disguise blemishes, or clear aligners can help correct crooked or misaligned teeth.


Microabrasion Offers Another Way To Whiten Smiles

Cedar Rapids IA dentist offers microabrasion

When you look in the mirror or smile in a picture, do you notice that your teeth are not as vibrant as they once were? Yellow teeth do not necessarily mean that they are unhealthy, but they can be unappealing and cause you to have lower confidence. At Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, we offer several cosmetic treatments that can remove stains and improve the appearance of your smile. One unique method that we offer is microabrasion. Today, we will be discussing how this process works and who may benefit from it.


We Can Help Your Snoring Problem

Cedar Rapids IA dentist can diagnose and treat sleep apnea

Millions of people are affected by snoring, either by being the person who does it or being woken up by a family member. If you tend to snore loudly and frequently, it may be a sign of something more serious. This is a common problem that many do not know can be solved with the help of a dentist. Today, your Cedar Rapids, IA, dentist is here to explain why you should not ignore these breathing disruptions at night.


How Bruxism And TMJ Disorder Affect Your Smile

Cedar Rapids, IA dentist offers treatment for tmj and bruxisxism

When it comes to your oral health, you may be mostly concerned about keeping your teeth cavity-free and maintaining healthy gums. While these are great preventive measures, other problems can harm your smile. Issues such as TMJ disorder and bruxism can harm your joints and wear down your enamel. Today, your Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, is here to tell you how you can treat these disorders.