Microabrasion Offers Another Way To Whiten Smiles

Cedar Rapids IA dentist offers microabrasion

When you look in the mirror or smile in a picture, do you notice that your teeth are not as vibrant as they once were? Yellow teeth do not necessarily mean that they are unhealthy, but they can be unappealing and cause you to have lower confidence. At Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, we offer several cosmetic treatments that can remove stains and improve the appearance of your smile. One unique method that we offer is microabrasion. Today, we will be discussing how this process works and who may benefit from it.


We Can Help Your Snoring Problem

Cedar Rapids IA dentist can diagnose and treat sleep apnea

Millions of people are affected by snoring, either by being the person who does it or being woken up by a family member. If you tend to snore loudly and frequently, it may be a sign of something more serious. This is a common problem that many do not know can be solved with the help of a dentist. Today, your Cedar Rapids, IA, dentist is here to explain why you should not ignore these breathing disruptions at night.


How Bruxism And TMJ Disorder Affect Your Smile

Cedar Rapids, IA dentist offers treatment for tmj and bruxisxism

When it comes to your oral health, you may be mostly concerned about keeping your teeth cavity-free and maintaining healthy gums. While these are great preventive measures, other problems can harm your smile. Issues such as TMJ disorder and bruxism can harm your joints and wear down your enamel. Today, your Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, is here to tell you how you can treat these disorders.


What To Know About Oral Sedation

Cedar Rapids, IA, dentist offers oral sedation

Dentophobia, also known as the extreme fear of dentists, affects thousands of patients in the United States. This can make even simple checkups and cleanings a hurdle to overcome. At Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA, we are here to help our patients feel comfortable at their appointments. We offer sedation as a way to help patients relieve anxiety during standard appointments and feel comfortable during more invasive dental work. In today’s blog, we are here to explain how oral sedation works and how it can help.


A Holiday Dental Appointment For Your Entire Family!

family dental appointment cedar rapids iaWhen you pack up the family for your holiday trip this December, make sure that everyone is looking and feeling their best. Most people need to see the dentist at least twice each calendar year, so if it has been too long since their last visit, it’s time to freshen up everyone’s smiles. Take the time to bring them in for a semiannual dental checkup before the end of the year, and give them the best gift of all: a dedication to their oral health!

At our helpful dental office in Cedar Rapids, IA, we can help you to keep a close eye on the dental needs of your entire family. From you and your needs as an adult to the care your children deserve, we are here to keep your smiles looking great and staying healthy. Start your journey toward a brighter dental future with a visit to our office. Give us a call today to learn more or schedule your next visit! (more…)

Tooth Extractions Are a Last Resort

tooth extraction womanA beautiful, healthy smile is quite an important asset, and maintaining your natural teeth is crucial to achieving it. While dental advancements have made it possible to save teeth in many situations, tooth extractions may sometimes be necessary. However, it is essential to understand that tooth extractions are typically considered a last resort in modern dentistry. In this blog, your dental team in Cedar Rapids, IA explore the reasons why tooth extractions may become a necessary option and some ways to avoid them in the first place. (more…)

Microabrasion: Another Way To Whiten Teeth!

Cedar Dental offers Microabrasion whitening services.

If you have ever wanted to whiten your teeth at home or in-office but found bleaching treatment to cause discomfort, you’re not alone. call Cedar Dental in Cedar Rapids, IA today at 319. 364. 7108 we offer many different options to brighten your smile including microabrasion. This solution whitens just the surface, allowing for a less invasive treatment and leaving you with a beautiful smile.


No Teeth? You Still Need Check-Ups!

Cedar Dental no teeth

When we think of visiting the dentist, we often associate it with maintaining healthy teeth and gums. However, did you know that dental care is just as essential, even for those who no longer have their natural teeth? Many people mistakenly believe that regular dental visits are unnecessary once they have lost their teeth or have replaced them with dentures or implants. With our team of preventive dental experts in Cedar Rapids, IA, we explore the importance of visiting the dentist, even without natural teeth, and how it contributes to overall oral health.