Many of our dental habits center around preventative care. We brush our teeth, floss, and go in for checkups in order to prevent cavities from forming. However, despite our best efforts, they sometimes still occur. When they do, receiving a dental filling is the solution.

What Does A Dental Filling Consist Of?

When you come in for a filling, Dr. Peter Ruggiero, will numb the affected area and remove the decay. After the tooth is prepared and disinfected, he will place a filling to replace any missing tooth structure. He will then finish and polish the filling so it fits seamlessly in the tooth. Once the procedure is complete your tooth will have its strength and health back and you shouldn’t feel any difference in your tooth.

Types Of Fillings

  • Meal fillings (amalgam) are not routinely used anymore; however, they serve a great purpose in situations where moisture control during filling placement is an issue.
  • Composite resin fillings blend in with your existing teeth, and are a tooth-colored mixture of acrylic and quartz particles.

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